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       Strathclyde PTE  156502

  • 57502 Driving Motor Second DMS (No Toilet)   (Motorised on this model)
  • 52502 Driving Motor Second Lavatory DMSL (Toilet)  (Motorised on the model)
  • Strathclyde Red Seating, Fitted Toilet, Drivers cab detailing, Operational door lights (On DCC Only), Bi Directional Lighting, Carriage lighting, High Specification Underframe.
  • Branded with Strathclyde Logo's, BSI Couplings, Stainless exhaust cover & full HSE Labelling on bodyshell & underfloor,
  • High specification paint finish & Decals.
  • Motorised in both cars (As per the prototype) on the rear bogies, fitted with a Low profile, micro geared drive system which allows for a high level of underfloor detailing.
  • This model is designed for 2nd Radius 438mm, damage will be caused if run on 1st Radius due to
  • scale clearance between the bogies and the chassis.(Set Track Points are 1st Radius).
  • Destinations: Glasgow Central - Stranraer
  • This unit took part in the Netherland Railways 150 Year Celebrations in Holland in 1989 and was driven under it own power from
  • Derby to Dover western Docks, and from Dunkirk via Antwerp to Utrecht in Holland.

DCC Sound Functions:  (All individual sounds are independently CV changeable to either increase or decrease the volume levels)

  •     F0 Daytime Running
  •     F1 Engines Start/Stop
  •     F2 Playable High Horn
  •     F3 Playable Low Horn 
  •     F4 Passenger Door Open/Close (Including working door lights & Delayed rear car door closing sequence)
  •     F5 Brake Application when moving / Brake Dump when stationary
  •     F6 Drivers Door Open/Close
  •     F7 Compressor Speed Up  (Engine Speed up to increase the brake pressure)
  •     F8 Toilet Discharge (Flushing sounds)
  •     F9 Variable Speed Flange Squeal
  •     F10 Dispatch Whistle
  •     F11 Guard To Driver Buzzer
  •     F12 Passenger Lighting (With fluorescent start up flicker)
  •     F13 Directional Destination Blind Light
  •     F14 Automatic Coupling / Uncoupling Sounds
  •     F16 PA Announcements (Features 16 CV Changeable Destination Announcements) 
  •     F17 PA Announcements (Features 16 CV Changeable Destination Announcements) 
  •     F18 Detonators  (3 Bang Stop which varies according to speed)
  •     F19 Directional Cab Light (Has Autofade, thus on moving the cab light will automatically switch off)
  •     F20 Night Time Running
  •     F21 Wabasto Carriage Heater 

DCC NON Sound Decoder : ESU 59629 Decoder 

  •     F0 Daytime Running Lights
  •     F1 Nigh time Running
  •     F2 Interior Lights
  •     F3 Passenger Door Lights
  •     F4 Directional Destination Blind Light
  •     F5 Directional Cab Light
  •     F6 Parking Mode (F0 & F1 must be off)

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