RT156-118 Class 156 - Set Number 156410 - East Midland Trains Livery.

This model is a limited edition EMT Liveried Class 156 with Correct Branding.

Destinations: Nottingham - Skegness



·         Driving Motor Second DMS (No Toilet) 57410  (Motorised on this model)

·         Driving Motor Second Lavatory DMSL (Toilet) 52410 (Motorised on the model)

·         EMT Red Seating, Fitted Toilet, Drivers cab detailing, Operational door lights (On DCC Only), Bi Directional Lighting, Carriage lighting, High Specification Underframe.

·         Highly Detailed Labelling by the passenger doors, BSI Couplings, Stainless exhaust cover & full HSE   Labelling on bodyshell & underfloor,

·         High specification paint finish & Decals.

·         Motorised in both cars (As per the prototype) on the rear bogies, fitted with a Low profile, micro geared drive system which allows for a high level of underfloor detailing.

·         Destinations: Nottingham - Skegness

DCC Announcements can be changed using CV155 (Not CV48)

Chassis Removal Guide 


On F16 & F17 we have CV Changeable Passenger Announcements.

These have been configured according to the main routes operated by the Class 156 units, these being:

                                F16                       F17

CV48 - 0                Derby                    Crewe

CV48 - 1                Crewe                    Derby

CV48 - 2             Nottingham            Skegness

CV48 - 3             Skegness              Nottingham

CV48 - 4             Leicester                Lincoln

CV48 - 5              Lincoln                Leicester

CV48 - 6           Nottingham             Worksop

CV48 - 7             Worksop             Nottingham

CV48 - 8              Matlock            Newark Castle

CV48 - 9         Newark Castle           Matlock

CV48 - 10     Liverpool Lime St        Norwich

CV48 - 11            Norwich           Liverpool Lime St

CV48 - 12      Peterborough         Grimsby Town

CV48 - 13      Grimsby Town         Peterborough

CV48 - 14        Doncaster                 Lincoln

CV48 - 15          Lincoln                  Doncaster

For example if you set CV155 - 0 and then press release, F16 Announcement will say 'To Derby'  (The outwood journey)

If you press and release F17, F17 Announcements will say  'To Crewe'  (The return journey)

For the outwood journey of Crewe-Derby instead of Derby-Crewe, set CV155 to 1 instead.

IF you press F16 & F17 and leave it on it will have the Safety messages too!


Chassis Removal Guide 

DCC Sound Functions:

  •     F0 Daytime Running
  •     F1 Engines Start/Stop
  •     F2 Playable High Horn
  •     F3 Playable Low Horn 
  •     F4 Passenger Door Open/Close
  •     F5 Brake Application when moving / Brake Dump when stationary
  •     F6 Drivers Door Open/Close
  •     F7 Compressor Speed Up
  •     F8 Toilet Discharge
  •     F9 Variable Speed Flange Squeal
  •     F10 Dispatch Whistle
  •     F11 Guard To Driver Buzzer
  •     F12 Passenger Lighting
  •     F13 Directional Destination Blind Light
  •     F14 Automatic Coupling / Uncoupling Sounds
  •     F16 PA Announcements (CV Changeable)
  •     F17 PA Announcements (CV Changeable)
  •     F18 Detonators
  •     F19 Directional Cab Light
  •     F20 Night Time Running
  •     F21 Wabasto Carriage Heater 

  • DCC Announcements can be changed using CV155

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RT156-118 Class 156 - Set Number 156410 - East Midland Trains.

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